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HR Daily Advisor: Contributing Editor


Contributing content on learning and development, HR/employee relations and employee communication issues.

Best Practices for Leveraging Content Across Multiple Social Media Channels

September 2022

There are a wide range of social media channels available to today’s marketers. There are so many that it can be challenging to decide which to use—and how to use them most efficiently and cost-effectively. Yes, there are costs involved in posting to social media, even if you do it yourself. Time is money, and, especially for do-it-yourselfers, time spent on social media means an inability to spend it on other potentially higher-value activities that uniquely require your expertise. Let’s take a look at some best practice recommendations from social media experts and business owners who have learned how to juggle posting across multiple channels.


Cannabis and HR Tech: What You Need to Know

September 2022

Cannabis-related businesses face several regulatory and compliance issues that impact their HR practices. The quickly changing regulatory and legal landscape can be challenging to comply with, particularly when it comes to payroll. But there are other implications, as well,

How to Raise Engagement with Benefits During Open Enrollment

September 2022

The process of signing up for benefits options during open enrollment has largely been automated, with online enrollment platforms replacing paper forms. Now, more employers are seeking to improve the online enrollment experience by adding decision-support tools and guides to make the process more user-friendly.


Practical (and Scary) Implications of Speech Technology in HR

September 2022

Conversational artificial intelligence isn't a thing of the future. It's here now. It is now possible for technology to artificially replicate an individual's voice to, for instance, share a voice message from the CEO, respond to common employee questions, offer voice-driven training or just-in-time instruction, and much more.

But while there are practical applications, there are scary ones as well. Could this type of voice technology lead to security breaches—such as when the CEO's voice asks an employee for a password?

What Effective Managers Can Do to Support Stressed Workers

September 2022

Managers can sense and respond to employees’ mental health needs by making services accessible, relieving workplace pressure, and supporting their people’s work-life balance, while also taking care of themselves.


Changing Employer Attitudes Toward Layoffs

August 2022

There has long been a certain stigma tied to being laid off from a job. But that stigma might be starting to break down in the face of employers around the globe struggling to find workers. In short, any stigma surrounding being laid off is greatly mitigated by employers’ need to find workers.

Open Enrollment Success Relies on Effective Communications

August 2022

With inflation on the rise and talk of an upcoming recession, "you need to educate your employees so they can make the best choices for this year," said Jennifer Benz, senior vice president and communications leader at Segal Benz, a San Francisco-based employee benefits consulting firm.


What HR Needs to Know About the Metaverse

August 2022

The fact that Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta should send a signal about what at least one tech company sees for the future of digital interactions. The metaverse is an increasingly talked-about topic that refers to an alternate reality online—blurring the lines between the physical and digital environment. 

The implications for HR are significant.

Avoiding the Potential Risks of Internal Transfers

August 2022

Internal transfers can represent potential risks that organizations, their HR leaders and managers must understand and avoid. Here we take a look at the risks and how to successfully manage internal transfers to benefit both employees and the company.


Addressing the Risks of Manager Burnout

August 2022

Manager burnout is a problem we ought to talk more about. We hear a lot these days about the “Great Resignation,” but much of the focus is on frontline workers and independent contributors. There’s another group that is equally, if not more, at risk of resignation—managers. Managers have been facing significant stress and dealing with constant change and challenges over the past two years and the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to improve significantly any time soon.

Open Enrollment for 2023 Reflects a Changing Benefits Landscape

August 2022

Employees' needs—and the ways that organizations are driving benefits enrollment decisions to meet those needs—have changed over recent years. The pandemic, a tight labor market, hybrid work arrangements and a renewed focus on employees' emotional well-being have altered the benefits packages that employers are offering.


How Technology Can Help Companies Tackle Job Seeker Fraud

August 2022

Imagine hiring a new employee who, when she showed up to start the job, was not the same person you had interviewed. That may be happening more often than you think.

On June 28, the FBI issued a public service announcement indicating that the number of complaints it's receiving for this problem is increasing.  

Position Community Volunteering as an Employee Benefit

July 2022

Last year, Harvard Business Review reported that employers giving their workers paid time off to volunteer their services for charitable nonprofits and socially responsible causes, and otherwise offering to facilitate and support employees' volunteering activities, was one of the few employee benefits that has increased in recent years.

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How to Prove Your Investments in HR Technology Are Paying Off

July 2022

Technology advances rapidly and, when it does, it's tempting to invest in new—or replacement—technology. The next best thing is always on the horizon. But company budgets are tight, and leaders want to be certain they are making the right investments in new technology. How are HR professionals taking steps to prove that their investments in technology are paying off?

How Brands Are Using Chatbots
Creatively to Connect With Audiences
and Engage Them Effectively

July 2022

Chatbots hold a lot of potential for connecting with customers in cost-effective ways, triaging customer
requests or inquiries, addressing customer service issues, and more.


The Role of AI in Retaining Top Talent

July 2022

The ability to retain top talent is top of mind for employers, HR professionals, managers and supervisors in companies of all kinds across all geographies.

As they frantically struggle to find reliable fixes that can help them minimize talent loss, potential relief may be available from a solution they might not have considered—artificial intelligence, or AI.

Best Practices for
Finding and Vetting Experts

June 2022

The digital environment makes it easy for anyone to create a profile that appears legitimate, credible, and authoritative. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Journalists, freelance writers, content creators, and others must ensure that they’re appropriately reviewing and vetting sources they’re considering citing in their work.

146714-CRM_070822_top100_marketing-ORG (1).jpg

The Top Marketing Trends for 2022: Cookieless Replaces Contactless

June 2022

It’s fair to say that professionals of all stripes have been and continue to be massively impacted by a wide range of changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances fraught with both opportunities and challenges.

Marketers, arguably, could take a place at the top of the list of professions impacted by these factors. So what are these impacts and how will they play out this year and next? What trends are emerging that marketers need to follow as they seek to set themselves and their products and services apart from the competition?  

Have Generational Work Styles Changed Since the Pandemic?

June 2022

Forget everything you thought you knew about generational differences in the workplace. What may have been true prior to the pandemic is likely not true anymore. Sentiments have shifted among employees of all ages, and within all levels of the organizations they work for, because of the extreme disruption in their personal and work lives since early 2020.


Encouraging Employees to Be Intrapreneurs Pays Off

June 2022

An "intrapreneurship" program, which lets employees act like entrepreneurs by developing new products or services, is an unconventional benefit that can help boost productivity and retention. Intrapreneurship also offers career development opportunities—something that many employees crave today and that drive decisions about whether to stay with an employer.

Digital Transformation and HR: Playing a Role, Making an Impact

June 2022

"Digital transformation" is a phrase that's tossed around a lot these days. But what does it mean? And, specifically, what does it mean for HR professionals? There's a good chance that digital transformation efforts are taking place in your organization. If they're taking place without you, or if you have a role on the sidelines, these initiatives may be doomed from the start.


An Intuitive Approach to Data Democratization

June 2022

Arming managers with accurate, up-to-date, reliable data to inform their people decisions seems like a no-brainer that any organization would be eager to do—and many are. Getting data rapidly in the hands of decision-makers can help them make better decisions. But data democratization can be a challenge and different companies will approach the process differently based on their unique cultures, size, and data needs.

Gamification Advances Post-Pandemic

June 2022

Gamification in the workplace today can run the gamut from traditional analog activities like scavenger hunts to high-tech, AI-fueled interactions incorporating augmented or virtual reality. Whatever the format, research supports the idea that gamifying learning works.

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How HR is Using Virtual Chat and Chatbots

May 2022

Chatbots can play a role in augmenting or even replacing person-to-person interactions between employees (or potential employees) and HR staff. More HR leaders are considering and adopting conversational AI technology. In fact, Gartner has predicted that by 2023, 75 percent of HR inquiries will be initiated through conversational AI platforms.

Working With Influencers in 2022

June 2022

What do Richard Simmons, Ron Popeil, George Foreman, and Kim Kardashian have in common? Many readers may not have even heard of the first three names, but they do share something in common with Kim Kardashian: They are early examples of influencers.


The Risks and Rewards of Substance-Misuse Benefits

May 2022

About 60 percent of Americans diagnosed with substance use disorder are working.

But while there are certainly many rewards to be gained by offering employee benefits that address substance misuse, there are also some potential risks.

Marketing’s New Strategy: Paying for Performance

May 2022

There’s an old saying in marketing that goes something like this: “I know that half of my advertising works; I just don’t know which half.”

That lament has long been the bane of marketers in both traditional and digital environments. Those in the digital world, though, are fortunate that technology offers them advanced means of gaining precision around what works and what doesn’t.

new_parent_w5tnkx (1).jpg

Automation: A Help or Hindrance for Employees?

May 2022

"The robots are taking our jobs!" is by now a not-unfamiliar lament in many workplaces. And in truth, we've all been exposed to situations where technology is taking the place of people—self-checkout lines in grocery stores, chatbots that ask and answer questions on various websites, software that does the job of some accountants and tax preparers, and the list could go on.

But is technology replacing employees, or is it helping them?

How the Pandemic Changed Parental-Leave Policies

April 2022

Remote and hybrid work during the pandemic uprooted many policies and procedures that companies had long held to, such as requiring employees working from home to ensure they weren't also caring for others while doing so. During the pandemic, as employees became responsible for home-schooling children or caring for immediate or extended family members, they and their employers discovered that they could be productive while juggling work and home responsibilities.

Employers are now weighing changes to their company policies to reflect what they've learned.


Top Hiring Obstacles to Avoid With Better Recruitment Strategies

April 2022

As prevention guidelines adjusted and vaccines became more available, employers began calling employees back to work. Many were startled to find that some employees simply didn’t want to come back, and others had taken positions elsewhere. Suddenly they found they needed to drastically modify their recruitment strategies to get results in this new environment.

Employers around the country found themselves faced with what has come to be called the Great Resignation, and an employee-driven market that is tighter, more competitive and more challenging than employers have ever faced before.

What Marketers Need to Know About the Metaverse

April 2022

The metaverse may be the talk of 2022. I receive at least three to five emails a week that have “metaverse” in the subject line—including “Willy Wonka, Chocolate Rivalries, & the Metaverse,” “Preparing for the Metaverse Shift in How We Work,” and “Bring Your Love to the Metaverse With Personalized NFT Jewelry From MYKA.”


COVID Vaccine Policies: A Risk Management Approach for Employers

April 2022

In November 2021, the U.S. government began to roll out vaccine mandates for federal workers, healthcare workers, and companies with more than 100 employees. It’s been a rocky road since then.

New Interview Questions Since the Pandemic

April 2022

The work environment has changed significantly in many ways since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Hiring teams have subsequently changed the questions they are asking to assess candidates' knowledge, skills, abilities and potential fit.

Not surprisingly, HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers have found some new areas of importance to consider when interviewing candidates for jobs during the pandemic—and for the foreseeable future.


The Apprentice Opportunity: Using an Old Model to Recruit Fresh Talent

March 2022

Apprenticeships offer a “try before you buy” model that supplies needed labor and expanded opportunities for a diverse population.

Taxonomies’ Impact on Data Reliability and Use

April 2022

Companies gather masses of data to drive their decision-making, but not all data are relevant or reliable. Much depends on how that data is being defined, gathered, entered and accessed. For better reliability, some companies are taking steps to create enterprise-level taxonomies—organizational structures and rules around how data is categorized.


The Win-Win Potential of Hiring Neurodiverse Workers

March 2022

Successful programs designed to employ neurodiverse candidates raise awareness among employees of the effort and make important alterations to the recruiting and onboarding processes as well as adaptations to communications and management approaches.

The investment is worth it as companies benefit from the achievements, skills, experiences, and unique perspectives of individuals they might otherwise overlook. Because when organizations fail to see what individuals have to offer – through misconceptions, bias, or some other factor – it is a missed opportunity.

Making Sure Unlimited PTO Is Done Right

March 2022

In an era of high stress, burnout and turnover, it's important for employees to achieve the right balance between work demands and personal pursuits. They need, after all, to recharge once in a while.

That was the original promise of unlimited paid time off (PTO), which does away with a fixed number of vested vacation days each year and instead lets employees take any number of days away from work—after getting approval from their managers to do so. Unlimited PTO now has become a trendy perk that companies use to signal their commitment to work/life flexibility.

At first glance, the promise of unlimited PTO seems too good to be true; too often, that may be the case.


How Employers Can Leverage Their Trusted Position With Their Employees

March 2022

Consumer trust is on the wane across a variety of organizations—from the media to government organizations, to large corporations. While many feel confident in saying trust is on the decline, Edelman has been researching trust in organizations since the turn of the century and has proof in their 22nd report: the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer

Coaching Apps Address Soaring Demand

March 2022

Coaching has traditionally been a person-to-person activity, but the pandemic has changed that significantly. Even though coaching was already being provided via phone or videoconference prior to the public health crisis, virtual coaching has skyrocketed since 2020.


What Comes After the Great Resignation

March 2022

The Great Resignation has been a hot topic in business and HR circles for several months now. Visier predicted it would kick into full force in the summer of 2021—it did, and it hasn’t relented since then. With a jaw-dropping one-third of the workforce quitting their jobs in 2021, the seismic ripple of the resignation wave has grown into a tsunami. There is no going back to before—the world of work has undeniably changed. 

People Are Your Greatest Resource? SEC Says Prove